Workplace Counselling / EAP

Given that we spend a significant portion of our lives at work it is becoming increasingly common for employers to invest in services that can assist employees manage issues that impact on their work lives. This is typically referred to as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Workplace Counselling Services.

Employers who offer psychological services to their staff report better rates of employee satisfaction, reduced sick leave and a reduction in staff attrition. Similarly, employees often report that the provision of discreet and confidential counselling services at work is a valuable addition to their workplace in assisting staff manage their stress and maximise their enjoyment of their working lives.

There are a number of areas that workplace counselling  with Louise Spencer can be of assistance for both managers and employees.

Support for Managers

Assistance for managers often focuses on the following areas:

  • Issues relating to employee performance;
  • Negotiating relationships between co-workers or departments;
  • Identifying bullying and harassment;
  • Managing bullying and harassment;
  • Conflict resolution and anger management;
  • Managing impact of workplace changes / outplacement support;
  • Facilitating and supporting career change;
  • Identifying and managing work related stress.

Support for Staff

In many instances assistance for staff will focus on the following areas:

  • Creating or maintaining the work life balance;
  • Parenting concerns;
  • Relationship problems;
  • Financial concerns;
  • Workplace change worries;
  • Conflict with co-workers or line manager
  • Grief and loss;
  • Managing a return to work plan;

Workplace support with Louise Spencer

Louise Spencer offers a confidential in-house consultation / counselling service to organisations in addition to offsite counselling for individuals preferring to seek assistance away from the work environment. Louise also offers telephone support to assist managers and leaders in managing more effectively in the workplace.

Your initial contact with Louise will be comprised of a comprehensive assessment of your individual or employee requirements and the development of a shared action plan to assist reaching your personal or organisational goals.