Relationship counselling

The stability of our relationships underpins a lot of what we do in life and is often the framework for how we make sense of ourselves. How we relate to our friends, colleagues and significant others becomes our blueprint for happiness but sometimes these relationships need some extra assistance when communication breaks down and frustration escalates.

Quite often the engagement with an independent counsellor can help break the log jam in communication and assist individuals to state their concerns in a safe and neutral environment. This allows all parties to speak freely without the pressures of being at home or at work when these types of discussions might typically start and ultimately end in frustration.

Common relationship problems

People present for relationship counselling for a myriad of reasons some of which are highlighted below.

  • Work related stress or change in working status;
  • Impact of a traumatic event;
  • Difficulties in managing the work-life balance / not having enough time together;
  • Impact of infidelity;
  • Sexual dysfunction;
  • Problems with mood / anxiety / alcohol or other drug use;
  • Different parenting values / style;
  • Managing a blended family;
  • Financial problems;
  • Unresolved grief and loss issues;
  • Conflicting views of shared goals and expectations; and
  • Conflict with extended family members

Relationship counselling with Louise Spencer

Louise Spencer offers a comprehensive relationship counselling program designed to assist people debrief the stressors in their relationship and assist them in developing a plan for improving the shared experience of their significant other.

Louise works with individuals, couples and their families which also includes working with same sex couples and their families. Your initial appointment with Louise will focus on an assessment of your immediate requirements and the formulation of a counselling program to assist you to achieve the resolution you are seeking as an individual or as a couple.

As an accredited mediator Louise will also tailor your program to include therapeutic services that can be extended to family members with a focus on mediating a psychologically secure resolution.

Louise Spencer offers a holistic client centred counselling service that focuses on equipping individuals with skills to navigate the trouble spots in their relationships with a view to enhancing the quality and happiness in their lives.