tremendous infrastructural change when we realised we needed an external consultant to assist us navigate the change process. We approached Louise based on her reputation in assisting corporations to adapt to change in a seamless fashion.

- Michael CEO (Aug 2014)

About Louise Spencer

Renowned for her finely honed skills as a negotiator and mediator, Louise has expanded her area of expertise to offer a highly specialised clinical service to clients requesting psychological input as an individual or as an organisation.

There are few clinicians that can work seamlessly within a range of treatment modalities for individuals and then effortlessly switch gears to respond to the clinical requirements of a corporate environment.

The range of skills that Louise offers is evident from the moment you make contact with her as she responds personally in a developing collaborative relationship from the outset.

What Louise offers

  • Comprehensive assessment of individual, family or organisational requirements;
  • Confidential client centred counselling;
  • Mediation services on behalf of families or individuals engaged with legal proceedings;
  • Outplacement support;
  • Family and co-parenting mediation support;
  • Provision of comprehensive reports for submission to family courts on client’s behalf;
  • Organisational consultation in the management / resolution of conflict, bullying;
  • Fee structure is discussed and confirmed prior to engagement;
  • Organisational change and grievance management; and
  • Personalised treatment planning, consultation and follow-up.

Getting in contact with Louise

You can contact Louise by telephone or email. Your initial contact will be treated confidentially and handled with discretion by Louise personally.

Whether it’s an individual engaging for psychotherapy or a human resources manager requesting her organisational consultant input, it is her attention to detail that impresses people most. Louise’s personable approach will place you at ease in your initial contact as she offers a strong repertoire of skills in helping you define your requirements and any roadblocks that might prevent you or your organisation from reaching full potential.

Louise’s commitment to all of her clients is to respond to initial enquiries on the day the enquiry is received to determine your clinical, mediation or consultancy requirements. You can feel confident that your initial contact with Louise is the beginning of a relationship that is client centred, collaborative and focused on your ultimate wellness.


'I was quite nervous about my decision to seek some counselling. I had recently experienced a relationship breakup so I was feeling really low on confidence and addition to not sleeping, I was very fragile.'

- Rebecca (Jan 2013)