Today’s corporate culture requires organisations to be more responsive to their employee’s psychological needs which often requires the engagement of an external consultant to assist in the management of organisational changes and / or conflict. In addition to this, organisations are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring their employees are psychologically fit for work and able to function in the work environment.

Why use a Consultant?

There are two main reasons to engage a consultant namely:

  • To assist with change management; and
  • To assist with employee management.

Organisational transformation can be stressful for managers who implement changes and, the employees these changes impact on. The delay in managing internal issues can result in problems with staff morale, an increase in absenteeism, attrition and lowered productivity.

The work – life balance becomes disrupted when life events intrude on an individual’s ability to complete their work thus it’s becoming more commonplace for organisations to provide psychological support to employees to improve performance and retention. Employees can present with a range of psychological difficulties that impact on their ability to execute their tasks which they may not want to disclose in depth to a line manager or colleague. In these instances, an external consultant is an invaluable organisational asset.

Louise Spencer Consulting

Working across the corporate and private sectors in offering psychological and organisational support, Louise brings a wealth of experience to organisations.  With a strong ability to identify the internal strengths and weaknesses in an organisational structure, Louise has an engaging interpersonal style that is reassuring and confident. From the outset Louise offers a personalised and comprehensive workplace assessment of your organisational requirements as the first component of her consultancy service. Louise is a highly skilled communicator and facilitator who will value-add to your organisation and produce a range of benefits to your company and your staff.

As an an in-demand consultant and mediator, Louise offers  an individually tailored consultancy service that operates Australia wide.

Benefits of Consulting

  • Reduced absenteeism;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Reduced stress in the workplace environment;
  • Resolution of conflicts / disputes;
  • Grievance management;
  • Risk mitigation;
  • Reduced workplace/office related injuries and complaints; and
  • Reduce staff attrition.

Engaging a skilled corporate consultant to assist mitigate the risks to an organisation is an ethically sound business decision. Organisations can feel confident in engaging the consultancy services of Louise Spencer who is not only a highly skilled mediator and consultant; she is adept at working in a change environment and producing positive outcomes for organisations and their employees.