Executive coaching

Organisations are continually investing in their employees to develop their skills and abilities to assist them in achieving their professional goals. In recognising the importance of staff development and promoting a healthy work-life balance, organisations will often engage the services of an executive coach.

The ultimate goal for any organisation is staff performing at a level that is beneficial to the company and reflective of core corporate values. Staff report the provision of executive coaching as part of their employment to be a valuable contribution to their personal and professional development.

Executive coaching with Louise Spencer

As an accredited mediator and clinical practitioner Louise Spencer brings a collection of skills to your organisation that not only reflects an understanding of the nuances of organisational culture but is also highly personalised for individual staff members.

Louise offers an on-site executive coaching service that will be tailored to your specific requirements and desired outcomes.

Executive coaching with Louise Spencer has a primary focus on:

  • Developing the leadership skills of employers identified as having high potential;
  • Improving the success rate of implementing newly promoted promoted managers;
  • Developing management and leadership skills amongst employees;
  • Assisting with the resolution of behavioural or interpersonal problems within a management team;
  • Assisting employees with prepare for a change in role or the application for promotion;
  • Helping leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts among employees; and
  • Assisting with change management issues associated with internal progress such as outplacement or organisational restructure.

Your initial meeting with Louise will focus on a comprehensive discussion about the goals for your organisation both short term and long term. A program of coaching will be developed by Louise based on an assessment of your organisational requirements and corporate goals.

Louise offers an intensive executive coaching service that is individually tailored to, and focused on, improving staff performance and the outcomes for your organisation in a client centred environment.