The breakdown of any relationship is difficult as the process of navigating the pressures of dividing assets and shared custody arrangements can be a minefield for conflict. The end of a relationship creates significant stressors that often results in the breakdown of communication.  There are a number of conflicts that arise in the midst of a relationship breakdown which can not only result in a heavy psychological burden but can also create additional financial and lifestyle problems for all parties involved. When this occurs, it is useful to consider mediation to not only reduce the psychological impact of separation but to also satisfy the requirements of the Family Law Act 2006 in order to move forward.

Common issues requiring mediation

Whilst mediation is not mandatory, when it relates the living and / or parenting arrangements of children, under the Family Law Act, it is compulsory.  Prior to commencing court proceedings that relate to children, the Family Court requires all parties to produce a certificate from a registered family dispute resolution practitioner in order to appear before the court.

These are some of the most common issues that require mediation.

  • Dispute regarding the primary residence of children;
  • Failure to reach agreement on preferred schooling and / or child care;
  • Differing views on the financial obligations for maintenance payments and;
  • Division of assets.

Mediation with Louise Spencer

Louise Spencer is a registered family dispute resolution practitioner who is highly skilled in helping people to navigate the often stressful process of ending a relationship. Louise offers an objective, non-judgemental and professionally neutral mediation service.

Louise recognises the importance of reaching an agreeable outcome whilst providing a safe space for couples and families to speak freely and openly. Known for her ability to mediate conflict and assist couples to reach an agreement that focuses on the best outcome for all parties, Louise believes a good outcome is one that retains a strong focus on the welfare of children.

As a highly skilled practitioner Louise will assist you to reach an amicable resolution to the dissolution of your relationship in addition to providing you with more control over the process and outcome. Additional benefits to mediation services provided by Louise are a considerable financial saving and a reduced psychological impact on children.

Louise also offers mediation services to the corporate sector with a primary focus on assisting organisations resolve internal conflict within a neutral environment to reach a mutually agreeable outcome.

Contacting Louise

You can contact Louise by telephone or email and your enquiry will be treated confidentially and handled with discretion by Louise personally. You can be assured that your initial contact with Louise is the beginning of a mediation process that is client centred, collaborative and focused on mediating an outcome that is in the best interests for all parties.