Return to work counselling

Returning to work after an absence can often be a daunting prospect. People leave theĀ  workforce for a number of reasons ranging from injury, stress leave, mental illness or a physical illness. Counselling to assist with the transition back to the workforce is a valuable tool in helping individuals to navigate the worries and uncertainties that a return to work might produce.

Clients who are temporarily off work due to mental health, injury, or other types of ailment can benefit from cognitive-behavioural interventions to assist in regaining their functional capabilities at home and at work.

Return to work counselling will identify an individual’s strengths that can support their recovery and return to work, as well as potential obstacles that need to be resolved in order to support their transition to recovery.

Common roadblocks for individuals returning to work can include;

  • Concerns about capacity to perform tasks;
  • Worries about assimilating with organisational culture; and
  • Coping with a change in role due to injury or skill deficit.

Return to work counselling with Louise Spencer

Organisations recognise the difficulties that people experience when returning to work after an unplanned absence and will often engage the services of a clinical practitioner to assist their employees in achieving a return to work transition.

An an accredited mediator and clinical practitioner Louise is committed to working with individuals and their employers to achieving a quality return to work plan. Louise offers a range of counselling and organisational consultation services to assist in planning for a transition back to the workforce such as;

  • On-site workplace assessments;
  • Functional capacity evaluations;
  • Vocational counselling; and
  • Transferable skills assessments.

Engagement with Louise Spencer will commence with a thorough assessment of organisational expectations and the employee’s psychological readiness to return to work in order to develop a comprehensive program for both the employee and employer.

Working in collaboration with both employer and employee Louise offers a client centred service that has a focus on optimal psychological health and wellbeing whilst also assisting organisations to assist staff in their transition back to work.