Our organisation was undergoing tremendous infrastructural change when we realised we needed an external consultant to assist us navigate the change process. We approached Louise based on her reputation in assisting corporations to adapt to change in a seamless fashion. Louise entered our organisation in a progressional manner and was able to quickly identify the risks in our succession planning, provide support to staff and coach senior staff in strategies for change management. As a result of Louise’s consultation services, we were able to relaunch the new structure in our company with minimal impact on our core business and on our staff.

- Michael CEO (Aug 2014)

My partner and I separated a number of years ago and we were managing the shared parenting roles with minimal disruption to the kids in fact, our separation was peaceful and everyone was very settled. However, when we both re-partnered, the parenting agreement changed as other children came into the mix along with the expectations of our new partners as well. It proved to be a really fraught time for us all resulting in lots of arguments which impacted badly in the kids. The one shared decision we got right was to engage in mediation support with Louise. As an accredited meditator and counsellor Louise was able to help us explore the competing needs of all family members and with her assistance we were able to reach an agreement that prioritised the happiness and wellbeing of the kids and allowed us all to find same common ground. Louise’s offered us a neutral mediation process supported by compassionate counselling and understanding the result of which was a great outcome for everyone.

- Brian (Aug 2014)

I was quite nervous about my decision to seek some counselling. I had recently experienced a relationship breakup so I was feeling really low on confidence and addition to not sleeping, I was very fragile. What I remember most about meeting Louise was that she put me at ease and she listened. I felt validated in how I was feeling for the first time in a really long time. It was so liberating working with Louise as she helped me unpack not only my grief and loss, she then helped me rebuild my resilience to move forward in my life. I can’t recommend Louise highly enough, her approach was a great balance of gentle reassurance and positive reinforcement in helping me achieve my counselling goals.

- Rebecca (Jan 2013)