Individual Counselling

In today’s busy world its common for people to feel overwhelmed when juggling the work-life balance.  Some common reasons people enter counselling are often related to anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, domestic violence, anger management, alcohol or other drug use or managing stress related problems in the workforce such as bullying or organisational change.

Louise Spencer is a seasoned professional in assessing your requirements and tailoring a counselling plan to help you to reach your goals whether it’s professional, emotional or within your personal relationships.

Why choose Louise Spencer?

  • No GP referral required;
  • Same day response for booking enquiries;
  • No waiting lists;
  • Reasonable rates for service;
  • Comprehensive follow up;
  • Additional resources provided for download (see Resources page); and
  • Bookings via email or telephone.

Organisational Counselling

The work environment is also a common source of referral, particularly when an organisation is undertaking a change process. Often line managers will engage the services of Louise to assist in managing the impact of change within an organisation and the impact on their employees. Common problems occurring in the workplace include stress management, staff attrition / morale, bullying, conflict resolution / grievance management, outplacement and redundancy support

Louise offers a highly specialised, confidential and, therapeutic service to both individuals and workplaces. Known for her down to earth approach, Louise has a repertoire of skills that can assist individuals experiencing roadblocks in their personal or professional lives.

Backed up by evidence based psychological principles, individuals and organisations can rest assured they are receiving a therapeutic counselling service that is underpinned by solid research and carefully honed skills.

Located in Sydney and Brisbane Louise Spencer offers an accessible and comprehensive counselling practice that is not only results driven but is also focused on the promotion of healthy principles for living well.