Grief and Loss

At some point in our lives we will all experience grief. Its a normal part of coping with loss. Grief is typically associated with the death of someone close to us which can be difficult to accept or comes to terms with.

There are also other forms of grief that are less obvious but equally debilitating such as the breakdown of a relationship, the illness of a loved one, the loss of employment or a change in lifestyle circumstances that are difficult to adapt to.

Grief can also creep up on us and create a collection of symptoms that on their own might seem unremarkable but when these symptoms collide, it can indicate a problem with the resolution of a bereavement.

Signs of ongoing grief

Here are some of the symptoms associated with unresolved grief that can indicate a need to seek assistance to process grief related issues.

  • Refusal to accept loss;
  • Regular bouts of crying;
  • Changes to sleep patterns;
  • Social withdrawal;
  • Increased alcohol or other drug use;
  • Displays of extreme anger;
  • Inability to manage daily tasks such as going to work or caring for children;
  • Breakdown in personal relationships;
  • Thoughts of self harm;
  • A non remitting preoccupation with loss and acute distress in response to this;
  • Feeling like the loss is not something that can ever be resolved;
  • Chronic anxiety; and
  • Loss of appetite.

Grief counselling with Louise Spencer

Grief counselling with Louise is a gentle, client centred process. From the outset Louise will work at your pace to help you unravel the nature of your loss and how it is impacting in your life.

Louise will work with you to help alleviate the physical symptoms of your grief which will then allow you to focus on processing your emotional response to loss.

Grief counselling with Louise is a collaborative approach which is focused on you integrating an understanding of your loss and incorporating it into your life in a way that is less debilitating.

The ultimate goal when working with Louise is to resolve the issues relating to your grief and allowing you to reconnect with a more balanced sense of self and well being.